Nikhil Kumar

Indian Pythonista

About Me

Hello, world!
I am Nikhil a.k.a Indian Pythonista.
Currently an undergraduate at Delhi Technological University pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science.
An avid Pythonista who loves to automate boring stuff and create utilities.
An ML enthusiast who aims to build smart products.
Also a hobbyist blogger and YouTuber!


Coding Blocks

Chatbot Developer

A facebook messenger conversational chatbot for the official page of Coding Blocks to automate the task of replying to redundant queries related to the courses offered by Coding Blocks.

Tech stack: Flask, SQLite,, AIML.


Content Writing Intern

Wrote stuff related to Python.
30+ articles published. My articles
Won Geek of the month award for the month of December, 2016.

Coding Blocks

Python Mentor

1. Getting started with Python (11-12 June, 2017)
2. Python for Web (12 August, 2017)
3. Chatbot & Automation Bootcamp (28-31 August, 2017)
4. Python for Web (4 December, 2017)
5. Chatbot Bootcamp at IIT Delhi (22 December, 2017)
6. Certified Python Developer Course (17 December, 2017 - 4 January, 2018)
7. Game Development using Python (10 March, 2018)
8. Python Bootcamp (24 March, 2018 - 7 April, 2018)
9. Python for Web Bootcamp at Jamia Hamdard University (18 April, 2018)


Backend developer

Work on the backend written in django alongwith django rest framework.


Delhi Technological University

August, 2015 - May, 2019

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

Kendriya Vidyalaya




A python wrapper for Indian Railways Enquiry API!
✔ Get trains between stations
✔ Get seat availability, fare, schedule of trains
✔ Get live running status of trains
✔ Get PNR status
...and much more!

View on github


A cross-platform remote-desktop sharing application.
✔ browser-based, shared over LAN
✔ control remote-desktop using your mouse and keyboard
✔ click, double click and right click enabled
✔ works on touch-screen devices as well!

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content-downloader a.k.a ctdl is a python package to download files on any topic in bulk!
Multithreaded downloading has been implemented for fast download and ctdl has
an awesome CLI as well as GUI too!
The project was made open-source and recieved awesome contributions
under BOSS 2017!

View on github


The social media for links!
Linkbook is a django powered social link manager which lets you manage your links
as well as lets you share them with your followers.

Try Linkbook!
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A messenger bot who can compile and run your code on messenger chat itself!
The bot uses HackerRank CodeChecker API to execute the code.
Mycodebot also featured and was trending on Product Hunt!

Try Mycodebot!


An easy-to-use python client for Google News feeds.
The project was made open-source and recieved awesome contributions
under KWoC 2017!

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Facebook Graph API Examples

A Github repository which contains some cool applications of Facebook Graph API like:
✔ create a likes-counter of your timeline posts.
✔ share your post to multiple groups at once!
✔ create a Word-Cloud from your FB timeline.

View on github


An easy to use and customizable clipboard manager made using tkinter!
The project was made open-source and recieved awesome contributions
under BOSS 2017!

View on github


A multiplatform command-line email client!
Allows users to send email with attachments and save frequently used contacts as well.

View on github


A command line bluetooth file sharing application for Linux.
It's fast, easy and reliable!

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